About a year ago I followed my instinct to explore expressive forms of non-representational art. The painting featured above, titled “Happy”, was one of my first explorations in that endeavor. I’d had a longing to say something with my art, even if I was only talking to myself, and even if I didn’t quite know what to say. My process was simple. I put colors I felt drawn to on the palette, and then, in a semi-conscious way similar to “automatic writing” I let my hand and the brush telegraph whatever was happening inside of me at the time, stopping only when there was nothing more to say.

I’ve continued this form of expressive exploration, developing new (to me) techniques as I go, and figuring out interesting and engaging ways to incorporate them into the voice of each painting.

Equally compelling for me is the way each painting interacts with viewers, maybe sending a completely different message to each person than the message I started with, like the childhood game “telephone”. The image that for me embodies the feeling of happiness might for another person recall flowers or a cloudy day or sense of melancholy or something else entirely, making the viewing of art intimate and personal – the message you receive or the feeling you share with a painting in its own voice, is for you alone.

What does this painting say to you?